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Treatment Programs

Addiction is a vicious cycle that has the potential to destroy lives. Falling victim to addiction can jeopardize mental health, physical health, and relationships. Unfortunately, many people from the Huntington Beach, CA area who are struggling with addiction do not know where or how to find help. In 2018, a national survey showed that 2,458,000 people needed treatment for substance abuse and didn’t receive it. However, treatment programs can help those battling addiction to find solace and help. Effective treatment centers offer the following services:  

  • Addiction treatment programs that are tailored to the individual  
  • Individual and group therapy 
  • Physical activities and health-promoting activities 
  • Comfortable living facilities 
  • Twenty-four-hour supervision and care 

We work with experts to tell you about how you can receive the care you need. If you are from the Huntington Beach, CA area, call 682-647-5988 to speak with an addiction treatment specialist and start recovery today!  

Effective Treatment Programs 

There are many effective theories and methods that help people recover from drug and/or alcohol dependency. There are many different theories and ways to treat addiction. However, one principle guides most scientists and psychologists who study addiction. They agree that each person receiving treatment needs an individual treatment plan. Clearly, no single therapy program will work the same for everyone. 

It is important that treatment programs personalize plans to satisfy the individual needs of the person. Substance abuse recovery treatment plans must keep in mind the client’s legal, medical, psychological, or social problems. Custom-creating a credible treatment plan that fulfills the person’s particular requirements entails precise observation and examination.  This includes adjusting and modifying when needed as the therapy progresses. The courses of therapies used during rehabilitation vary. Still, the most common is often a mix of: 

  • group and/or individual counseling 
  • psychotherapy 
  • medical services 
  • family therapy 
  • parenting instruction 
  • vocational instruction 
  • behavioral therapies 

Each of these techniques for addiction treatment will work better for a different person.  Some may respond well to one on one therapy, while others may prefer the support they can receive in group therapy. Some may want family therapy to help them fix their broken family ties. Vocational or parenting instruction can give people courses they can use when they return to their lives after they have recovered.  Effective treatment centers ensure that they are providing quality, individual treatment plans for their clients.   

Available Treatment Programs

The level of treatment patients receive depends on their personal addiction history and circumstances. For example, a person who has recovered for many years but has a recent relapse will require less care. An individual who has been continuously abusing substances for a long time. Furthermore, there are three types of care available:

  • Inpatient treatment combines detox and rehab services in the same location–generally at a hospital or clinic. Inpatient treatment isn’t common. But, detox is still a process that should be medically supervised in a hospital unit or medical clinic. Clients are encouraged to continue on to rehab if they first require our detox services. 
  • Outpatient treatment is offered at health clinics, counselor’s offices, community medical centers, or in residential programs with outpatient services. People in outpatient treatment usually continue to live at home. However, they commute to the rehab facility for a few hours a day. 
  • Programs recovery services specializes in residential treatment, which combines the best parts of inpatient and outpatient facilities. Patients are transported from a comfortable home-away-from-home to treatment and support group meetings daily. This type of treatment permits them to relearn the correct way to behave responsibly and properly. Then, after they eventually finish rehabilitation, they are in a position to face the anxieties and temptations of life. 

No matter the type of rehabilitation you require, we can help you find the type of addiction recovery center you require. If you are in the Huntington Beach, CA area, we can help you find treatment. By calling us, we can assess you needs and recommend the proper treatment for your situation. 

How to Find Help 

Substance addiction can feel like a vicious cycle that will never end. Sadly, over two million Californians are lacking the care that they require to begin recovering from their addictions. However, with the help of professionals, and the support of friends and family members, anybody can conquer drug and/or alcohol addiction. Accordingly, we can help you find programs for all kinds of addiction. Moreover, treatment can help those that suffer from additional mental or emotional problems as well.  Please see our pages on drug addiction treatment and alcohol addiction treatment for more information on your specific needs. If you or someone you love is from the Huntington Beach, CA area, and are in need of rehab give us a call 682-647-5988. Call now!