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I Want to Quit Addiction, But I Can’t

Posted: August 17, 2015 by in Today Alcohol Rehabilitation Center


This is one of the most influential realizations an addict can have; it is pure light in a realm that is then full of darkness and deception. The statement is a reflection of a more intense truth, one that makes plain the lies we tell ourselves and others.

Should We Conduct an Intervention?

Many individuals are bound to enroll in a drug rehab by the pressure of friends and family. Well, there is no evidence that challenging ‘interventions” like those familiar from television programs are efficient at persuading individuals they have an issue or influencing them to change. It is even probable for such provocative encounters to elevate into a violent behavior of backfire in some ways. As an alternative, you should concentrate on making the incentive to at least get the person to an addiction recovery services.  Most people often listen to experts rather than having conversations with family members or close friends as the latter part of encounters cam every now and then be driven by emotions, accusations and fear.

Can I Explore an Addiction Recovery Services?

For the addict, this admission can be a curse or a blessing. For some, it drives   them to seek help –help they can now have because they know the drugs have become stronger and powerful than their will to resist.

Unfortunately, some addicts use it as a lie and excuse to slide deeper into their addiction. After all, if I cannot quit, no matter what I try, I might as well surrender and simply continue until I am arrested or die.

One of the most powerful experiences an addict can have is to hear others who have been where they are now and have overcome the battle. Certainly, these recovering addicts have scars. But they also have the knowledge that there is still hope. There is a light in every tunnel and addiction can be overcome.

It may take a lot of tries. Tries followed by addiction relapse, then a seeming failure. Every period of sobriety is part of the addiction recovery process. It gets simpler over time, and even an addicted individual who relapses is more ahead than one who didn’t get clean in the first place.

There are available group therapy services or sessions that could help you to share some stories and feelings to any other addicts.12 step-programs are also essential in this.  Drug addiction recovery services and facilities will also incorporate in these powerful methods along with individual counseling.

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