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There are many dangers and risky consequences of using marijuana before driving: Marijuana genuinely impedes your motor function and clouds your perception and judgment, all of which are essential to safely operate a vehicle. For this reason it’s illegal to drive if a person is abusing marijuana. However, many people are not aware of this, […]


This is one of the most influential realizations an addict can have; it is pure light in a realm that is then full of darkness and deception. The statement is a reflection of a more intense truth, one that makes plain the lies we tell ourselves and others. Should We Conduct an Intervention? Many individuals […]


“Weed is natural, so in what way could it be harmful?” Many teens ask this question, and it’s a very valid one—an incredibly important question. People frequently believe that substances found in nature are naturally safer than chemicals that are processed in a laboratory or a factory. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Lots of beneficial […]

drug addiction recovery

Is drug abuse a part of your life? Are you taking drugs at any time of the day? If you do, you may be satisfying your cravings by relying on “fake” energy and mood boosters throughout the day. By doing so you are abusing the power of drugs and any substance that gives you the […]