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Today Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

There are many dangers and risky consequences of using marijuana before driving: Marijuana genuinely impedes your motor function and clouds your perception and judgment, all of which are essential to safely operate a vehicle. For this reason it’s illegal to drive if a person is abusing marijuana. However, many people are not aware of this, […]


This is one of the most influential realizations an addict can have; it is pure light in a realm that is then full of darkness and deception. The statement is a reflection of a more intense truth, one that makes plain the lies we tell ourselves and others. Should We Conduct an Intervention? Many individuals […]


“Weed is natural, so in what way could it be harmful?” Many teens ask this question, and it’s a very valid one—an incredibly important question. People frequently believe that substances found in nature are naturally safer than chemicals that are processed in a laboratory or a factory. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Lots of beneficial […]

5 Ways to Stay Drug Free

There are five things we can do to avoid drug or alcohol abuse. These are the most effective ways to stay drug free. The first one is effectively dealing with the peer pressure. Subsequently, learn to deal with life pressure. Then seek help for the mental illness and substance abuse often. Next is to examine […]

Substance Abuse and Suicide Risks

Suicide statistics are scary and made even more so when you combine drugs and alcohol. Find out the dangers that creep around for drug abusers and suicide risk. Facts and Statistics Suicide in the 10th leading cause of death in the United States 38,364 Americans committed suicide in 2010 Men represent 78.8% of all U.S. […]

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